To improve the chances of success in all areas of career development, coaching has been identified as one of the ways in which your chances of success are increased exponentially. Statistics have shown that those who embark on a career coaching journey, end up with key insights, revelations, improved self-esteem and confidence that allows them to attain their full potential and desired career progression.

With her easy and down to earth method, coaching sessions with Chinyere will challenge your overall concept of success and enable you to discover untapped personal attributes, that will lead to self-discovery & clarity of vision. She will help you identify exactly where you are in your career, as well as where you want to go, as well as assist you in developing a career roadmap to get there.

At the end of the sessions, Chinyere will help you change your perspective and you will learn practical tools & techniques that will enable you to discover new or different approaches to achieving your set goals. You will also attain the perfect integration of your work/life balance, whilst ensuring that your career goals are achieved along the way.

Tools Deployed

Depending on the particular area of need identified, sessions will include the use of varied techniques, approaches & communication skills including:


Targeted Restatements


Reflection & Introspection


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