Don’t Be A Spectator In Your own Movie

Don’t Be A Spectator In Your own Movie. To put this in perspective, I would like to define the term spectator. A spectator is a person who watches an activity, from a distance, without taking part. Imagine for a moment a scenario where you are actually the star or main character in a movie, however, instead of playing the lead role, you sit back in the audience, taking it all in, possibly with a bag of popcorn in your hand, watching from a distance. Wouldn’t that be such a sad situation and a missed opportunity?

Not only would you miss out on all the visibility and fame that goes with having the lead role, but you would also forgo all the financial benefits and opportunities that go with it, as well as the ability to develop the script and write the story any way you want. I agree that life from the spectator’s vantage point is safe and you get to criticize the actors’ performances at will. You may even participate in a precarious situation and yet walk away unscathed, nothing lost and nothing gained. In fact, aptly put, you have nothing to lose…

Unfortunately, the danger of the spectator lifestyle is that you are totally disengaged and this absolves you from taking any responsibility for the things that happen around you and more importantly to you. Where perchance we must play a role, you excuse your mistakes, feel sorry for yourself & blame others for any tragic failures. Does any of this sound familiar? The point I am attempting to make in this post is that one of the keys to success is to become both the Screenwriter and Star of your own life, whether at home or in the workplace, which will require you to “do your own stunts.” You will, however, have to leave the audience and enter the movie and take your position as the lead actor.

You must actively participate in your life’s script and not leave it to others to do as they please with it. Don’t be blown around by the direction of the wind, but be the wind yourself. o truly believe that we must all take control of our lives, whilst accepting both the good, as well as the bad, the failures, mistakes, bruises, and scars. No experience is ever lost and is meant to make us build up the experience and resilience needed for the future.

This is truly one of the keys to living a purposeful and fulfilled life, with no regrets. Be International about living. You must understand and accept the fact that you alone determine the overall success or failure of your life. The best part about this approach is that as a screenwriter, you have the ability to rewrite the script at a moment’s notice, alter the plot, setting, or theme at your discretion. You get to cast and recast your own characters, determine their roles, and cut them due to “creative differences,” when necessary.

Mind you some key components of imbibing this new lifestyle are. Audacity – You must be bold enough to face the fear of failure and proceed anyway. Second, you need a Vision, as Life without vision is like a movie without a plot; both are a pointless waste of time. Thirdly is Perseverance. You have to stick with it in order to make it to the final curtain call. Don’t give up when the going gets tough. With these attributes and the recognition that a life lived from the audience is no life at all, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.

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