The desire to support, inspire, and encourage female lawyers at varying levels of professional development and career, has always been a passion of mine and is the overriding reason I started this mentorship course. Over the years, I have watched with great concern, young intelligent female lawyers constantly being passed over for a promotion when they are obviously the better candidate.

They struggle to find the right balance between maintaining a career and maintaining a home and the career invariably suffers. Sometimes they are put in very difficult situations by their employers, which may ultimately lead to job loss or truncation of their careers; a situation that their male counterparts would never be exposed to.

The list goes on and on. Having successfully navigated a legal career for almost 30 years, along with the attendance challenges along the way, I feel I am more than qualified to advise and guide young female lawyers through the maze that is their legal career, whilst helping them achieve their desired career growth in the process. I will share my vast knowledge and experience gathered over the years, from being a single career girl, a wife of 23 years, and a mother of three beautiful children, whilst juggling a successful legal career along the way.

This will be done in a structured environment, with my 6 Module Mentorship course, whilst handholding you along the way so that you can better navigate the sometimes difficult terrain and attendant challenges that arise by virtue of the fact that you are a woman, playing in a predominantly male-dominated profession

Career Progression Mentoring Course

This is a high impact mentoring program that focuses on key deliverables and results. The Course is comprised of 6 fundamental Modules, which will be taken over a 4 week period.

Module 1

Clarity, Career Values & Goals

Module 2

Creating a Career Blueprint

Module 3

Personal Branding for Lawyers

Module 4

The Role of Networks & Advocates

Module 5

Achieving a Work/Life Balance

Module 6

The Power of Negotiation

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