The Art Of Rain Making, April 2021

  • Are you a female lawyer currently in active legal practice, looking for career growth within your organisation? 
  • Are you finding it difficult navigating the career ladder, demonstrating your value and standing out from amongst your peers? 
  • Are you ready and determined to take charge of your career and move to the next C-Suite role? 
  • Do you aspire to be a woman in leadership and part of the decision-makers in your firm? Then this training is for you.

This programme is for you, as it presents a unique opportunity for interested lawyers to apply for this one of a kind structured mentorship programme, delivered virtually, webinar style, in a practical and easy to follow format. 

Often defined as the ability of a person to bring opportunities and financial benefits to their organisation, Rainmaking is certainly an important skill for every lawyer to master, in an attempt the climb up the career ladder. In this program, you will receive a practical introduction to this much-needed skill set, that will set you apart from your peers, increase your value to your organisation and enable you to progress up the career ladder at a much faster pace. 

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