Value has been defined as the importance, worth, or usefulness of a thing. On your road to success, we sometimes underestimate ourselves and the value that we carry inside, but this is a mistake. In my opinion, everyone under the sun has some value that they can add to another person. It is however important that we first believe we have valued, in order to be able to provide value to another person. Linking this to the art of networking and leveraging on relationships, in order to be effective, we must have ‘giving or providing value’, as our primary focus, rather than ‘taking or receiving’… This can be achieved by that initial self-belief that you have something to bring to the table… Never look down on yourself as I truly believe that there is indeed some value you can add… Note that Value doesn’t have to be something huge and shouldn’t be quantified by size … Value is indeed relative to the individual. It can be an immediate need a person may have or where they are at a particular point in time.

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