The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Achieving Accelerated Career Growth

December 4th | 5PM

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You missed out!

When we think about visibility in the workplace, many female professionals become uncomfortable at the thought of self promotion and would rather fade into the background or adopt a more passive role.

Research has however shown that being visible is an important ingredient for Career growth and there are indeed a number of ways that you can become more visible in your organisation, even if it doesn’t come to you naturally or you’re not an extrovert.

In todays world, merely being good or indeed great at your job isn't the only requisite for career growth. The truth is that if key people don’t know who you are, or your capabilities, you will struggle to get ahead, likely miss out on Career opportunities or given interesting assignments, despite your hard work. It's not only what you know that matters – it's who you know, too

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • The cultural & stereotypical limitations that affect women
  • How to overcome your fear of being in the limelight
  • How to work hard and talk about it without bragging
  • How to leverage your visibility for Career Growth

Who is this masterclass for?

  • A mid to senior level female professional, looking for accelerated career growth
  • Possibly experiencing difficulty navigating the career ladder in your heels.
  • Looking for guidance on how to overcome obstacles, become visible, find your voice and stand out from the crowd.
  • You are ready & determined to do what needs to be done, in order to take charge of your career and move to the next c suite level

When is the masterclass holding?

  • Date: 4th December, 2022
  • Place: Zoom
  • Time: 5pm (WAT)

Love Notes

Grace Sewuese Orshio

Thank you for the amazingly mind-blowing Webinar

Thank you for the amazingly mind-blowing Webinar on Visibility in the Workplace. It particularly hit me that working hard in the background is not enough, but I must work hard in a strategic way, such that my efforts are known to those who matter. Going forward, I intend to work on my personal brand, network more with people and take on opportunities and responsibilities that would make me more visible.

Ifeoma Ben | Founder, Legal Business Network

I must confess that it was value-packed

I attended the training on Visibility in the workplace organized by Mrs Chinyere Okorocha and I must confess that it was value-packed. I learnt so much about the ‘tips and tricks’ of getting recognized in my career. I learnt how to carefully promote myself without bragging. I’m currently strategizing on how to be much more visible in my career. These final works got me: Don’t just get noticed. Get remembered. Recognition for good works starts with visibility.

Sope Falana | Associate Jackso, Etti & Edu

It was an entirely practical session

A major aspect of the discussion that resonated with me is the fear of outshinning others and unnecessarily putting down one's self in order to make others feel good about themselves. I have noted these factors and would take deliberate steps to overcome them.

It was an entirely practical session and I would recommend it for every woman seeking to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder.

Adaeze Opara

...the impact of this webinar cannot be overemphasized

As a professional, the impact of this webinar cannot be overemphasized as I have also realised that in as much as I want my work to speak for itself, I also need to avoid lurking in the shadows and enhance my career growth by making deliberate and conscious efforts in increasing my workplace visibility. 

Oluwabunmi Ogbontiba

I learnt to take control of what people say about me

The Visibility webinar helped me to be more conscious of intentionally creating a brand that I want to be known for. I learnt to take control of what people say about me. I plan to pay more attention to creating innovative solutions in my field and ask for high profile files at work. Thanks for the webinar Ma.

Ogechi Wodike has got me thinking about how to grow my career

I was super excited to be part of the webinar, which was really one of a kind. Although I have been privileged to attend seminars in the past, this one was really different. It was so so impactful and it has got me thinking about how to grow my career. Infact since the webinar, I have not been able to sleep well, because I’ve been thinking about the fact that I have a lot to do to improve myself, become visible at work and to grow in my career.

Meet Your Host: Chinyere Okorocha

I am a wife, a mother of 3 young adults and a Senior Partner at a top tier law firm headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.

I am the current Chairperson of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Women's Forum, Past Council Member & Treasurer-NBA, Section on Business Law, and was nominated as one of 20 most influential women in the Business Law in Nigeria in 2020, by Business Day Newspaper.

I am ranked in Chambers Global from 2016 - 2022, Who Is Who Legal Nigeria, 2017 - 2022 and Managing IP as an IP Star and I’m on the Board of Trustees of a number of corporations and am constantly called upon to Speak at conferences and seminars in my areas of expertise, both locally and internationally…

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